Sustainable corporate events

We are experts in sustainable events, which are a major trend in the events industry. We understand the environmental impact of events, from energy consumption to waste management. In response, The EGG has adopted environmentally-friendly solutions; yet this is just the beginning. You can expect many more innovations in the future.

In 2017, over 1,000 solar panels were installed over the entire roof of the building. This installation directly meets the building’s energy needs thanks to solar energy. As a result, not only do we reduce our energy bills, but we also use a local energy source to reduce our environmental impact every year.

We have been awarded the Ecodynamic label with three stars, the highest level, by investing time and effort in sustainability. This certification is awarded to companies actively committed to reducing their environmental impact. Thanks to our eco-management efforts, we have made significant improvements in various areas of our conference centre.

In 2023, we obtained Green Key certification for the first time.

By carefully selecting our caterers, we ensure that they adhere to our Sustainability Code of Conduct, established in 2015. Some caterers are certified 100% organic, while others have the Ecodynamic label. By assessing our impact at every stage of an event, we are able to make significant improvements in terms of energy consumption, water use, waste management and mobility, working closely with our caterers.

Our electrical system produces heat by heating our rooms during an event. By using cogeneration, a recognised ecological solution, we reuse this heat to simultaneously produce heat and electricity. This improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions of pollutants on our site.

To combat growing food waste, we have set up an effective solution with Alpaca Solutions. Since January 2023, all our caterers have been encouraged to donate surplus meals instead of wasting them. Our main aim is to raise awareness of surplus food management and promote a sustainable fight against food waste.

By constantly rethinking our approach to events, we are committed to contributing to a better future. Some of the small, gradual changes we have put in place are:

  • No more disposable plates
  • 98% LED lighting
  • Dual flush toilets
  • Ecological cleaning products
  • Motion sensors for lighting
  • Digital, centralised heating/cooling system management
  • Bean-to-cup coffee machine
  • Partners with environmental certification
  • Reusable cloakroom tokens
Panneaux solaires alimentant notre salle