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Although it was built in 1925, the building wasn’t named “The EGG” until the 21st century. So how did this intriguing name originate? The history of this distinct name reveals its secret…


In 2006, the CCB (Creative Club of Belgium), an association bringing together the brightest creative minds from advertising agencies, had a dream: to create a meeting place where all agencies could get together and mingle. Known internally as “The EGG”, this building was the communication hub, a place where ideas could be hatched.

It was a derelict, bankrupt building located in Rue Bara that had charmed Alain Heureux, entrepreneur, visionary and co-founder of the project. He saw that “The Brick”, as he liked to call it, had great potential. That was when something clicked. He realised that the project had to breathe new life into the building, both inside and out.

The project went far beyond breaking down silos in the communications sector; it also aimed to revitalise the entire building, develop the area around Brussels South Station, and support entrepreneurship. In 2008, the project was given the go-ahead. Renovation work began.


The EGG adventure has transcended borders, inspiring our neighbours. At the time, The EGG was positioned as one of the first business incubators of its kind, offering an unconventional meeting place for a multitude of professions and cultures in a once-neglected neighbourhood. It was a pioneering project!

In 2014, a new era began for the venue, marked by a new positioning: a modular and creative conference center, run by d-side venues, based on the enlightened vision of Gilles Poot Baudier.

Since then, The EGG has proudly retained its name and its essence: in a place where everything had to be built from scratch, there stands The EGG.

The venue’s upper floor still serves as a start-up incubator, whereas the ground floor is for a variety of conferences and events.

Competition organized at The Egg

The EGG is a unique building located in the city of Brussels, but its architecture isn’t everything. With its modular design, it turns your projects into original and successful events, for 2 to 999 people. With its 5,000 m² and multiple configurations and combinations, The EGG gives you the opportunity to express your creativity when organising seminars, conferences, galas, exhibitions, product launches and much more.



We are experts in sustainable events, which are a major trend in the events industry. We understand the environmental impact of events, from energy consumption to waste management. In response, The EGG has adopted environmentally-friendly solutions.

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With its prime location in the heart of the European capital, close to Brussels South Station (SNCB, Thalys, Eurostar), The EGG is easily accessible by public transport, but also by car, as there are several parkings close by.

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Our large conference centre works with many technical partners, caterers and hotels. Every one of them knows the venue inside out, which contributes to making your event successful and memorable.

You are free to work with the suppliers and caterers of your choice on payment of a corkage fee.

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