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What’s Up What’s Next in The EGG, Brussels

The EGG was the setting for an exceptional afternoon at VITO’s recent What’s Up What’s Next – Clean Vision Summit 2023. More than 250 participants attended for a deep dive into issues of sustainability, digitalisation, and industry.

This lively event covered a wide range of topics, from legislation to technological solutions, and presented a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities in these key sectors. The remarkable turnout in our large auditorium during the Clean Vision Summit 2023 sessions testified to the relevance and value VITO brought to this event.

Alongside the sessions, the networking aspect was just as important. The scheduled meetings were widely used to exchange ideas, test them out and establish valuable contacts.

The EGG is delighted to have hosted this lively and innovative event. This event reflects our ongoing commitment to provide a venue for inspiring discussions, collaboration, and the advancement of major initiatives in these key sectors for our future.