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Digital Inclusion Conference!

On the 13th and 14th of March 2024, The EGG welcomed the Public Programming Service for Social Integration, which hosted a conference bringing together European experts and decision-makers to promote inclusive digital services. With 46% of Europeans classed as being digitally vulnerable, the goal is that 80% of adults acquire basic digital skills by 2030.

This conference, assessing progress on digital inclusion under the Belgian EU Presidency, saw ministers and experts discuss support for groups who may experience digital confusion, such as women, the elderly, and the disabled. The benefits of AI for public services were also explored. Innovative Belgian projects supported by the European Recovery Fund were presented, highlighting the importance of European investment.

The second day focused on the digital skills needed on the job market. Various platforms, in collaboration with local key players, employers, and the technology industry, have been developed to assess the digital skills of vulnerable individuals and guide them towards training and jobs.

The conference concluded with recommendations to ensure digital access for all those living in Europe, underlining the importance of sustainable funding and protective legislation for citizens.